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MasterPlug World Visitor to UK Travel Adaptor with built-in 13A Fuse

- Converts and adapts American, Asian, Australian, European, Middle East and Far East electrical plugs to be used with UK electrical sockets.

- With built-in 13A replaceable Fuse.

- 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Extremely well made and the only adaptor on the market to cover 151 countries with one simple unit, makes life much easier and simpler even when travelling abroad.

Price:  £9.99



MasterPlug 4 Socket 4m Extension Lead with Telecom Surge Protection

- 4 Child Resistant Sockets.
- 13 amp with Power On/Off Switch.
- Power and Telecom Surge Protection with Neon Light Indicators.
- 4m Cable Length.
- £2000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
- 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

The 4 meter cable works perfectly as it is long enough to be positioned to all your daily needs; it is a good investment with outstanding performance.

Price:  £27.98



10 Socket 4m Tower Extension Lead with Surge Protection

- 10 Child Resistant Sockets.

- 4m Cable Length.

- 13 amp with Power On/Off Switch

- Power and Telecom Surge Protection with Neon Light Indicator

- Surge Protection on all of the 10 13A Sockets, Telecom BT, RJ11 and RJ45 Sockets

- Includes an in-base Cable Tidy.

- Added Telecom / Broadband / LAN Protection.

- £3,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

- 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

- The bottom sockets easily accommodates those awkward transformer plugs.

- Nice tall slim design, which sits nicely on the corner of desk / shelves or on the floor out of the way.

- Highly recommended to people with numerous computer peripherals.

- Sockets positioning is designed at an angle in order to accommodate larger plugs to sit happily next to each other and not hang over another socket making it unusable.

- Additionally the vertical design ensures you no longer have to worry about where to place your feet when sitting at the desk.

- User friendly Mains Power Switch located on top of the unit, enabling you to turn off all devices with one simple switch - a fantastic idea.

An excellent device for your entertainment and computer equipments, cleverly designed with ample sockets all with surge protection to accommodate everything, it protects everything and offers one of the longest cable lengths in the surge protected extension lead products. This is simply the best, offering you the full works in one simple user friendly device which enables you to switch off all your equipment in one single hit.

Price:  £69.90